About Us

Welcome to Victoria Treasures Limited
Victoria Treasures Limited is an independent freshwater fish processing company located in Garuga Entebbe, Uganda. East Africa, is regarded as the Nile perch capital of East Africa with close proximity to the fishing grounds and with direct logistic solutions to continents. Our main business is supplying Wild caught Nile perch & own grown Aquaculture Tilapia to the world market.

Customer First

We know the importance of supplying our customers the right quality at the right price at the right time. We have a strict focus on the quality of both the products we offer and of our customer service.

We have a close relationship with some of Europe’s largest logistic companies and together we offer a fast logistic solution in order to supply our products to the world market with a minimum of delay and hassle for you as our customer.


Victoria Treasures Limited has its own quality control staff who work relentlessly setting a benchmark on quality products.

We have Local representation in the main markets which is very important for us as a company and provide extra security and assurance for our customers.


Our core values are performance, high quality & sustainability, customer focus and responsibility. We have a social responsibility and we carefully protect the positive image of the company.

We demonstrate this on a daily basis by respecting the culture, customs and rules of the countries we export our products to. We have open and accurate communication with all our customers and have
the courage to express our opinion.

We take personal responsibility for our actions and perform duties to the best of our ability and with integrity.


We supply high-quality freshwater fish products from sustainable fisheries. It is important to secure sustainable fish stock for the generations to come.

We work only with suppliers that have the same view on this important factor as ourselves. Being able to harvest from sustainable resources we believe these products deserve to be treated with high quality and respect.